Small Business Marketing Tips #1 Content Curation

content curationSmall Business Marketing Tips #1 Using Curated Content

Content curation is a term that many people have heard of may not really understand how to accomplish correctly. But it helps address a major issue most people encounter for they’re business. One frequent issue which is common to the majority of business industries. Whatever market they are engaged in. Is having sufficient content to write about in their marketing.

The easiest content to share. Is when something new occurs in your business. Like a new product is launched. Or a new site is opened. Or a new territory is added to your business portfolio. However even with these in mind. It is common sense that one of these events. Will not occur every day or even week or month. So that begs the question then. What do you use to write about?

This is where content marketing comes into the equation. Or content curation as it is otherwise called. Content curation is the process. Where you write about or republish. Worthwhile content specific to your industry or audience.

Repurposing Rich Media for Content Curation

There are a number of these new content aggregation sites appearing. Which make this process really easy. And the modern look and feel of these content curation sites. Make the content really pop like an online magazine. This is an example of what we were able to achieve. With just one of these online media magazines, called ScoopIt .

If you review the following link. You can see how media rich these sites can be. For your marketing efforts.

Small Business Marketing Tips

New sites and magazine sites do exactly this method. To ensure they always have something to write about and publish. There is an accpeted correct method to do this.

Firtsly you cannot just take any content and republish it. The site where the content was originated has to approve the use of its content in this way. So as long as you are only republising content. That is approved for republishing or syndicating you will be OK.

Secondly you need to be citing your sources of content. This is by linking back to  the orignal source of the content. The sites that allow their content to be syndicated require this. As it grows their popularity and their readership online.

Imagine what this could do for your business. If you want any help with your marketing. Get in touch for a free marketing consultation.

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