Top 3 Pay Per Click Tips to Create Effective PPC Marketing Campaigns

Top 3 PPC Marketing Tips to Create Effective Pay per Click Services That Deliver Results

PPC marketing tipsThese are our top 3 pay per click tips and simplest to implement. To create the best online marketing campaigns with PPC Pay per Click marketing. And lower your online costs.

We see many businesses get started doing PPC Ads for their business. As a form of marketing online this is good. As it is a great instant way to get visitors to your website.

The downside of this is. Unfortunately the users rarely get any proper training. And this means, that although the campaigns are still likely to work.

As Google PPC advertising is really easy to get going. They may not be working to their most effectiveness.

At the best cost for you, or even achieving your anticipated marketing ROI (return on investment) as the cost per click could be through the roof.

1. Negative Keywords

This has to be one of the most overlooked pay per click tips. But the easiest area to save money in a PPC campaign and should be everyone’s first step.

If this was my pay per click campaign I wouldn’t anticipate even starting it until I understood this one area. As you can waste so much cost here.

Negative keywords help to hone down the keywords that are displayed in your campaigns. So that the relevance of the pay per click ad is kept on your theme. And not that necessarily of your visitors.

This helps in two key ways. Firstly the PPC ad is only displayed and clicked for the visitors you want.

Which means that secondly the visitors you don’t want who click off your site straight away. Are also reduced as are your costs.

Negative keywords are the process of filtering out the wheat from the chaff. In terms of visitors and visitor intent.

One of the classic examples is the blue widget seller. They don’t sell red widgets. So they use the term red as a negative keyword.

This means they then don’t then get bothered or have to pay for the visitor traffic looking for the elusive red widgets.

2. Scheduling

The next most relevant pay per click tips is knowing your market’s schedule. When you first create a new pay per click campaign management. You might not be able to identify this straight away.

But you should consider the hours of your business or of your visitors online habits.

If you are marketing a service to get visitors to call.

Then it stands to reason, you don’t want to run paid search ads, when there’s no-one around to answer the calls.

If you send them to a website with a call back form that might work.

But also consider the times your visitors will be sleeping.

After your PPC campaigns have been running a month or two, you can model this traffic behavior better.

But the less your internet ads are running in the off hours. The more PPC marketing budget you have available for the peak hours.

Tips to Create Effective PPC Campaigns video

3. Bounce Rate

The third most relevant pay per click tips relates to bounce rate. Bounce rate is a metric which measures how soon after visiting your site the visitor bounces or leaves your site.

You may be wondering why this applies to your pay per click campaigns at all.

Well Google measures the bounce rate if you review your Google Analytics. And it uses this in relation to your PPC traffic. To review if your ad was a good mix for your visitor traffic.

Recall the elusive red widget visitor we discussed earlier.

Well these red widget visitors when they bounce, besides costing you money by clicking on your PPC ad. Also increase your bounce rate.

Which in turn also increases your ad cost.

One of the best recommendations is to review your Google Analytics to decrease your bounce rate.This is a good overall strategy for your site even if you’re not doing any PPC advertising.

A good strategy to reduce your bounce rate is to ad videos or images to your pages.

When using PPC advertising networks you want to ensure that the landing page that the visitor lands on after clicking the ads is inline with the pay per click keywords you used.

The above are just some of the reasons why we believe and recommend, to buy web traffic. That certified PPC services and professional Google Ad campaign management are the best ways to save you money. And achieve a positive ROI.

This post is getting rather long so. Stay tuned for our second installment on how to achieve the best pay per click campaigns online.

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