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social-media-content-postingHands Free Social Media Management Services for Your Business

Let us take another item off your to-do list of internet marketing requirements by providing you with social media campaign examples with engaging posts, pictures, videos and more to create your best social media campaigns to-date, no more boring posts about just going shopping.

This done-for-you successful social media campaigns will ensure your audience are receiving consistent, professional updates across all your social media packages. This is the best way to put your social content creation on autopilot and receive daily social media tips and content in 5 popular verticals for your social media marketing tips. Whatever your vertical there are best social media marketing campaigns available to suit your needs. This is a great way to ensure your small business internet marketing branding activities are maintained. This is a great method to:

  • Easily increase your social media optimization services
  • Improve your social media public relations brand awareness
  • Make a positive impact on your Reputation Management profile

Full hands off social media service for you to promote your brand or services on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinter-est and many more

What’s Included:

  • 2 Short form social posts per day, per vertical (7 days/week): Perfect for Twitter, LinkedIn, and other character constricted platforms
  • 2 Long form social posts per day, per vertical (7 days/week): Perfect for Facebook and Google+

Verticals Included:

  • Health & Wellness – General Physician | Dentist | Cosmetic Medicine | Chiropractor | Family Practitioner | Dermatologist | Weight Loss Center | Pediatrician | Psychologist | Specialist
  • Personal Care – Salon | Hair Studio| Spa | Massage Studio | Makeup Studio | Skin Specialist | Waxing Salon | Beauty Parlor | Nail Salon
  • Home Services – Real Estate Agents | Home Repair | Contractors | Plumbing | AC/Heater Services | Water service | Interior Design Services | Roofers | Landscapers | Mortgage Brokers
  • Dining & Nightlife – Fast Dining Restaurant | Family Restaurant | High End Restaurant | Bars | Pubs | Specialty Brewer or Winemaker | Club promoter | Nightclub | Event organizer
  • General Interest – General human interest stories and events that can be used across all verticals.

These are all rich text posts with video, images and great content designed to keep your customers level of engagement in your company high.

The following are some examples of the very high quality of these social media marketing ideas content which you can also view on top social media sites for business such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+

The hands free social media management services that you receive will be related to your own industry vertical, whereas mine as you see is internet marketing services related. google+ social media management services   facebook social media management services

This is a monthly subscription service but there are no long contract lock ins.

All payments are secured with Paypal checkout service which you are of course free to cancel at any time and you manage the whole subscription process so as you will see there is zero risk for you on this.

Raise your business social media profile with this professional rich media content.

Click the secure checkout link now and we can get these social media marketing packages working for you straight away and help free up your or your staff’s valuable time to service your customers more effectively.

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